Train Travel in Bangkok

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to travel by train in Bangkok?

We decided to find out about this last Sunday. Certainly, it wasn’t the fastest way to travel but what we experienced was amazing.

Sign of Taling Chan Junction Railway Station

Taling Chan Junction

We boarded a train from Taling Chan Junction Railway Station, which is located in the suburb area of Bangkok. This railway station has undergone a major renovation recently, so it may look more modern and clean comparing to other stations.

Inside of a local Bangkok Train

On Board the Train

If you purchase a 3rd class ticket, it’s very likely that you have a ticket without seat assignment. So after we got on board the train, we had to look for our own seats. Fortunately, this train wasn’t very crowded, and we could still find a few empty seats available in another passenger car.

The train moves through a local market in Bangkok

Behind a Local Market

This wasn’t something that every foreigners would see when they visit Bangkok. As the train moved through the local market from behind, we got a true sense of what the real Bangkok is like.

A Buddhist monk was seen while going for his alms round in the morning

The Morning Alms Round

We also saw a monk going on his daily alms round. The Morning Alms Round is a Buddhist tradition which has been continually practiced for more than 2,500 years.

The true atmosphere of Bangkok while people are waiting for the trains

Thonburi Station

The train was already entering Thonburi station, but we were a bit curious about what this couple was doing. Oh well, it’s none of our business anyway.

And here is what it feels like when you travel by train in Bangkok. Let’s enjoy your first hand experience on a Bangkok train with our latest video.